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"We believe students can change the world."

"The time is now."


Sophians Towards Sustainable Futures

Since joining Stanford's University Innovation Fellows program, we have actively created and led workshops, organized events, and collaborated with organizations both within and outside of Sophia University.

Collaborating across campus

We are collaborating with organizations on campus, such as KASA Sustainability and the Sophia Office for Sustainability Promotion, to organize forums about campus sustainability. Through these campus-wide partnerships, we are striving to close the student-teacher hierarchical divide. We aim to bridge gaps in Sophia by bringing together students, faculty, and staff to consider how we can drive change for sustainability on our campus and beyond.


Building bridges beyond campus

We are stepping beyond the university campus and building bridges with secondary educational institutions by hosting youth-empowerment workshops. In April 2022, we partnered with RISE to deliver a workshop for students at Seisen International School based on the theme of the butterfly effect. Our workshop, "RISE Together for Change," guided students to find their strengths, encouraged them that they are enough to create the change they want to see in the world, and showed them the power of taking action together with others.

Empowering students

We are empowering students to move from being passive bystanders to becoming active changemakers who use their skills and knowledge in the process of shaping socially just and ecologically sustainable futures. We designed a workshop, called “Spark the Change: From Idea to Action,” that gives participants the opportunity to learn important design thinking mindsets and methods for collectively solving challenges they face on campus and in their surrounding communities.

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Breaking down barriers 

We are fostering creativity and a culture of collaboration across professions and statuses. We create spaces where university stakeholders can unite to take concrete actions towards solving challenges on campus. In October 2022, our team hosted a university-wide event called "SDGs x Innovation Sparker." Participants learned to apply design thinking skills and tools to solve SDGs related challenges.

Through these projects and initiatives, we aim to empower those around us, particularly young people and students like ourselves, to take action in co-creating solutions and practices towards sustainable futures.

Join us in
sparking change!

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