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IDEO Tokyo

Learning from creative professionals who use design thinking for good

In June 2022 and February 2023, the new cohorts of Sophia Fellows had the privilege to visit IDEO Tokyo.

During the first visit in 2022, Fellows met Design Director Amelia Juhl and Design Research Lead Yuriko Yamaguchi, who gave a tour of their office and shared about their different projects, ranging from designing products and services to designing social programs for communities. Fellows also learned how they have been integrating sustainability and circularity into their design process.

June 2022

During the second visit in the beginning of 2023, a new group of Sophia Fellows and a member from UIF Tohoku met with Yuriko Yamaguchi, Kento Kondo (Senior Mechanical Engineer), and Lei Takase (Business Design Lead). They gained valuable insights into how people at IDEO link business and creativity, build a strong workplace culture, and drive innovative projects in the 21st century. Both groups of Fellows felt inspired and energized after their visits!

February 2023

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